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Massage and Spa Services

Spa Services

Natureland offers a break from the city life without the need to travel far. Our massage services take you into a relaxing journey designed to calm your mind and nurture the body and soul. Choose from an array wellness spa services that is guaranteed to help you relax, heal and rejuvenate

Foot Reflexology

Designed to help rejuvenate and relax tired feet. It helps stimulates blood circulation and can reduce anxiety by targeting acupressure points on the feet.
Head, Shoulder & Neck
(All prices inclusive of GST. Foot Reflexology 60mins for East Coast outlet is Member $44.94 | Non-Member $51.36)

4-in-1 Therapy

Invigorate your body with our 4-in-1 Therapy massage. This massage uses light to moderate pressure to melt away tension.
Head, Shoulder, Neck & Hand
(All prices inclusive of GST)

5-in-1 Therapy

After a long day of activities whether from work or leisure, this massage combination helps deep relaxation. It releases tension in the back, neck and shoulders to help you get a goodnight’s sleep.
Head, Shoulder, Neck, Hand & Foot
(All prices inclusive of GST)

Body Therapy

Our oil-free massage applies finger pressure to the acupressure points to stimulate the body’s energy lines to relieve tired muscles, increase flexibility and balance the body energy of the body.
Shiatsu (Oil-Free)
(All prices inclusive of GST. Body Therapy 60mins for East Coast outlet is Member $58.85 | Non-Member $66.34)

Tui Na

A therapeutic body work which literally means “pinch and pull”. An ancient Chinese healing remedy and massage treatment that is customised individually for the unique conditions of the client. TCM uses Tui Na to harmonize the yin and yang in the body by manipulating the Qi in the acupuncture channels.
(All prices inclusive of GST)

Slimming Massage

This massage service is ideal for slimming to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fats. Massage that uses conventional techniques that focuses on target areas using manual kneading motions that helps breakdown fatty deposits caused by poor circulation.
(All prices inclusive of GST)

Pre-Natal Massage

A gentle massage for the mom-to-be, this massage is designed to take away the pain and discomfort after the first trimester, it helps reduce anxiety, lower stress levels and reduce swelling of the legs. Made especially, to help ease pregnancy related stress.
(All prices inclusive of GST)

Other Services

List Of Our Other Therapy Services
Apart from massages we also offer different spa services to suit your need.


A traditional natural therapy that involves using a massage tool to improve circulation through scraping of the skin. It helps address issues such as chronic pain and stagnant energy.

Body Scrub

Stimulating spa service that uses special scrubs to gently buff away dead skin cells and roughness to enhance the skin’s overall glow.
(All prices inclusive of GST)

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